Care and training


The Birman is a cat with a wonderful balance of many characteristics. Ranging from wonderful temperament to striking appearance. The Birman is a cat of balance - never too extreme in any direction.

Most breeders recommend a high-quality dry, brand-name canned food and some fresh meat for your birman. Birmans can be free fed without becoming overweight. Keep a good supply of clean, fresh water available at all times.

Birmans are very easy to groom. Their single layer coats typically need to be combed only once in a while. Most Birmans never have to deal with matting of the fur because it just doesn't!

Birmans require very little training. They typically teach themselves about the litter box as very young kittens and never forget. Birmans are ideal for apartments and smaller houses. They are not as destructive as other breeds and do not climb curtains or benches. They do not hunt actively, and are quite happy to send most of their time inside. Birmans usually insist on spending the night on their people's bed.


The Birman is a semi-long haired colour point cat with pure white feet. They have china-blue to sapphire-blue eyes. They have round faces with roman noses. Their coats are long and silky butdo not mat. The original colours for a Birman were Seal point and Blue point, but with careful breeding there are now many more colours to choose from. Other colours are Chocolate point, Lilac point, Red point and Cream point. All colours can also have tabby or tortie patterns.


Birmans have a wonderful balanced temperament. They are very intelligent and bond to their people very strongly. Birmans also are very curious, they like to find out what you are doing or about anything that is new. Birmans are a people-cat - they love to be around their people. If left alone, they will hunt around until they find you. You will also find that a Birman will adjust his schedule to yours. You will typically find your Birman waiting to say 'Hello' as soon as you get home.


Birmans are easily intergrated into the family, and get along well with other pets.


Birmans have a lively personality but are not headstrong like the Persian nor as vocal as the Siamese. They have wonderful soft voices which they usually only use to remind you they are waiting for dinner or your attention. Birmans are well known for laying down and showing off their white paws!


The Birman cat is a very hardy cat with few health problems. As registered breeders we like to keep in touch with all our kittens so as to help their owners with health issues.